Safety and health management

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Safety and health management Create the best value through
customer-oriented research and development.

Safety and health management

In all management activities,

Boogook T&C considers the safety and health of all employees as the top priority and declares the safety and health management policy as follows to create a safe working environment.

  • safety_divider Ⅰ. We strive to prevent safety accidents and industrial accidents of all executives and employees and achieve the zero-accident goal.
  • edit_calendar Ⅱ. Settlement and continuous development of the safety and health management system to minimize various harmful and risk factors, all employees participate through systematic education and training, and continuous improvement of safety and health activities through periodic monitoring and measurement by setting detailed goals do
  • health_and_safety Ⅲ. Improve the working environment to promote the health of all employees and take responsibility for the health of all employees through continuous health management.
  • edit_document Ⅳ. Eliminate harmful risk factors through workplace risk assessment to ensure the safety of all employees.
  • spatial_audio Ⅴ. We support all our stakeholders to voluntarily participate in safety and health activities through cooperation and communication, and minimize damage by operating a response manual for possible imminent risks.

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