Sustainable Management

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Sustainable Management Create the best value through
customer-oriented research and development.

Sustainable Management

Bookuk T&C recognizes

that environmental issues are a factor that has an important impact on sustainable management, and strives to fulfill its responsibility for the environment by all employees by operating the environmental management system and carrying out continuous improvement activities.

  • compost Ⅰ: Production of eco-friendly products and efficient use of resources We lead carbon neutrality, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, through efficient use of resources and energy, minimization of waste, and creation of a circulation system for eco-friendly products.
  • nature_people Ⅱ: Operation and continuous improvement of the environmental management system All executives and employees of the company are aware of the environmental policy, set and implement achievable goals for continuous improvement of environmental performance, and continuously operate the environmental management system by improving and reflecting nonconformities that occur.
  • history_edu Ⅲ: Communication with stakeholders and fulfillment of compliance obligations Through continuous communication with all of our stakeholders, we periodically review the direction of environmental goals and detailed goals, establish management standards that can reflect environmental compliance obligations and stakeholder requirements, and faithfully implement them.
  • screenshot_monitor Ⅳ: Sharing of transparent environmental management practices Encourage active participation by opening environmental policies and management information to all stakeholders, and practice transparent environmental management.

Green Operation
  • 1. Minimize pollutant emissions
  • 2. Reduction of power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • 3. Develop sustainable packaging ALL PE TUBE (Mono-material tube) Recyclable tube made of 100% PE (mono-material of cap and tube) PAPER LAMINATED TUBE (Reduction of plastic use) Reduction of plastic use up to 58% based on sleeves by using FSC-certified paper fabric BIO BASED PE TUBE (Reduced carbon emissions) Environment-friendly tube using bio-based raw materials based on pulp by-products

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